by Casquetaria

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The album introduces a concept of conflicting nature in current times, presents a critique to individualistic and competitive relationships and the reflection in our consciousness. It’s hard to name a specific genre for our music since we have influences from Stoner, Grunge and Punk Rock. Containing 7 songs in total, the story starts contextualizing uncertainty and concludes in hope.


released October 7, 2018

Written, Performed, & Produced by Casquetaria
Engineered, Mastered & Recorded by Billy Comodoro
Estúdio Delfina - São Paulo, Brazil
Album Art illustrated by Enkel Dika


all rights reserved



Casquetaria São Paulo, Brazil

We like music, space and mental conflict!


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Track Name: Uncertainty
I wonder if someday I will be sure
It makes me pleasant this simple illusion
Have a huge stake in opposing
And brings me confusion

Forgive me for being nice
You told me to make a decision right
All the problems will become ice
At the end I will decide

I guess I think too much
The same shit, all day long
I ask you for consolation
But please, don't get me wrong
Track Name: Alienation
There is no need to believe
Things were tight and under control
It’s time to cease and desist
Get on the road and roll

Free your mind from the fear
Run, fly, reach for the sky

The Man is after you
He wants to get you back
Bring you whole and full
Put you back on track
You just want to get out
Nothing seems to be right
Don’t wanna be a boy scout

Free your mind from the fear
Search for who you are

Load your thoughts, fire and kill your monsters
Do not feel guilty for having something better
With desire, focus, faith, endurance may be different
‘cause everything flourishes and transforms
Track Name: Conflict
I believe in something good
People telling me what to do
I am tired of waiting for you
This time I will get it through

I wanted something more
Like a painting on the wall
I am gonna last forever
Give me all the peace I need

The greatest beauty of being
Don’t count on Almighty Gods
Keep walking on your journey
Don’t be lost in thoughts
Track Name: Action
Wake up at five
Drink some coffee
Prepare the ship
We are ready to fly

There is a dusty space
Stones moving to water
I see it on your face
It’s time to call father

Grandma gives a kiss
She tells you to “be safe”
Nothing ever changes
Nobody seems to mind

Golden hair, blue eyes
Space fishing, Shooting Stars

I see her waving at me
But she is too far away
I jump, she jumps
I grab her, we fall together
Track Name: Trust
You told me to be there for you
And you weren’t there for me
I told you to hold on your breath
‘Cause there is a big dive ahead

Your mother told me you’re one of a kind
Now I am deep inside your mind
I see a big black hole in you
Trust is the first step to love!

Beer, whisky, cigarettes and weed
Put all to together but don’t make me blind
I asked you when I have the “need”
Take this crave out of my mind!

I don’t trust your words
Your action doesn’t meet what you say
Once it’s gone you never get it back
You can trust me for I have respect!
Track Name: Hope
No right or wrong
Just expect for the best
The mind has the power to create and destroy

‘’There is always a choice’’
Be wise and choose

Sometimes we do bad things for good reasons
Never stop learning
I present it to you

‘’There is always a choice’’
This is my design

Something inside me, has always been there
But now it's awake

“Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh”
No one's ever really gone.